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Step-By-Step Guide for Philly Youth Voters During COVID-19

The coronavirus has disrupted our way of life, and our elections. But you can still vote! Review this guide for tips on social-distancing-approved methods for casting your ballot in 2020.

  • Not sure what party to choose, if any? Take the ISideWith.Com quiz. (PA has closed primaries so only registered Democrats and Republicans can vote for candidates in primary elections.)

  • It takes a couple weeks to process your registration. If you’re not registered you can’t get a mail-in ballot, so check your voter registration status before moving on to the next step.

2. APPLY FOR A MAIL-IN BALLOT ONLINE: VotesPA.comYou need a PennDOT ID or driver’s license to apply online, otherwise you need to download a paper application, complete it with the last four digits of your Social Security Number, and mail it in.

  • Don’t have access to a printer, envelopes, or stamps? Call the City Commissioners Office and ask them to mail applications for your whole family, along with a stamped return envelope. Call 215-686-1590 or email


4. VOTE BY MAIL! The County Board of Elections will mail a ballot to your address in a postage-paid envelope. You just need to drop your completed ballot in a mailbox in time to be delivered by June 2nd.

  • If you do not apply for a mail-in ballot, or do not receive one, you may still vote at your polling place on June 2nd. Many polling places may change location due to COVID-19. Find your polling place.

  • You must bring ID with you the first time you vote at a polling place. Acceptable forms of ID include your school ID, PennDOT ID, or voter registration card.

  • If you are told you cannot vote at your polling place for any reason, ask for a provisional ballot. Poll workers are required to provide these if requested.

  • If you have any difficulty voting by mail or at your polling place, contact the

    • County Board of Elections 215-686-1590

    • Election Protection Program: 1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683)

BOOM! You’re a voter! Will you get involved and text 3 friends to register and vote?

Join and help organize voters your school with Philly Youth VOTE! - with When We All Vote - My School Votes

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