About Us

Our Mission

Using the power of youth voice and connection, #VoteThatJawn aims to bring 18-year-olds and other first-time voters to the polls—beginning a process toward full civic engagement—not just for a charismatic candidate, but to advocate for youth safety, agency, and inclusion.


Our Story

For older kids, safety changes as they step into adult life. In the spring of 2018, SafeKidsStories.com launched the youth-led pop-up #VoteThatJawn with the aim of bringing new voters to the polls. The idea: Give civic-minded youth in Philly a platform to get their 18-year-old peers excited to cast that first big vote. What if all 20,000 18-year-olds in Philly showed up in November? What would begin to be possible nationwide?


In 2020, we popped up again, amidst the pandemic, with a new jawn: Bring 10k fresh voters to the polls. And while we don't yet have the final numbers, one thing is certain: We're helping to change the culture of youth vote in the United States, through youth-led organizing, content creation, and events.

Now, with an historic election cycle in the books, we're taking January 2021 to re-strategize and re-think what to do with this pop-up youth vote organization that has worked with so many incredible partners to drive young people toward civic engagement. We hope you'll stay tuned for what this next jawn will bring!



“The vote is precious. It is almost sacred. It's the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democratic society and we've got to use it.”


-Rep. John Lewis

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