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Voter Registration Drive Guide
The Goal
  • Register as many people as possible while creating a fun and inviting atmosphere where young people can talk, get inspired, and celebrate their right to vote.

  • Gain the support of Philly communities and further Vote That Jawn's mission of amplifying youth voice and youth vote through Instagram Lives, follow-up videos and photos, and narrative material!

Getting Started
1) Location
  • Find an established, high traffic location in your target community.


HINT: Start with a school, transit hub, or nearby grocery store or other small business.

  • Ask the owner for permission to use the sidewalk outside of the location. This is also a good time to build a partnership with the staff so they can help promote the drive!

2) Marketing
  • Have all flyers, posters, and other marketing materials ready at least one week before the event! This will give you and any other volunteers time to circulate them on social media and print out physical flyers to hang up and pass out.

  • Reach out to your social networks to let them know when and where you’ll be registering folks.

  • PRO TIP: Don't just tell people to come. Ask them to partner with you in spreading the word! Invite your social networks to join in on the opportunity to register people!

3) Materials

You will need the following items: 

  • Table and chairs

  • Tablets (for online registration)

  • Voter registration applications

  • Absentee and mail-in ballot applications

  • Printed QR codes for registration website

  • Hand sanitizer and wipes

  • Water and snacks

  • Clipboards and pens

  • Tape

  • Trash bags

  • Signs

  • Flyers

  • Microphone and speaker (for music, hype)

Ask volunteers to sign up to bring materials in advance and send out a reminder email the day before the drive.

4) Roles

Whether you are at the drive or participating remotely, everyone has a role to play!

Important roles include:

  • Creating marketing materials

  • Flyering before/during the event

  • Setting up

  • Registering folks

  • Hosting Instagram Lives

  • Conducting interviews during registrations

  • Photographing/ recording videos of the drive

  • Cleaning up

  • Sending personalized thank you notes to volunteers and business owners

At the Drive
Upon Arrival
  • Set up posters, flyers, music, tables, and other supplies.

  • Sign in all volunteers, interns, and leaders.

  • Communicate with location affiliates.

  • Take initial pictures to share on social media.

  • Share the drive schedule with volunteers, including when any Instagram Lives or speaker events will be conducted.

  • Establish strict social distancing protocols: stay 6-feet apart with masks; use hand sanitizer after each touch transaction; wipe tablets after anyone has touched them; dispose of all trash in trash bags.

During the Drive
  • Work the crowd. Hand out flyers and ask passersby whether they're registered to vote in PA.

  • Inform attendees about the voting process and answer any questions they may have.

  • Register new voters using tablets, mobile phones, and paper forms.

  • Conduct interviews with new voters and volunteers and ask permission to share the interview on social media.

  • Capture pictures, videos, and Instagram Lives of the event. Send pictures and videos to on-duty offsite colleagues for posting to social media.

  • Have fun!


After the Drive
  • Quality check all registration forms for completion and return them to your county election officials.

  • Clean up the drive site, collecting and disposing of all trash to leave the location as clean as you found it.

  • Hold a closing meeting to debrief on the event and thank volunteers for their hard work.

  • Check that you have all the materials you came with.

  • Thank volunteers, attendees, and location affiliates by email and ask for any feedback for your next drive

  • Reflect on what went well and what you could improve.

  • Start planning your next drive!

Follow and Share

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok @VOTETHATJAWN and tag us in any photos and videos you take at the event.

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