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Looking for a summer job?

By Helena Wolk

Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Durk, Roddy Rich and others came to Philly to perform at Made in America last summer. This year’s lineup is going to be just as exciting. The perfect way to secure tickets? Getting a summer job.

Figuring out how to get a summer job can feel stressful, we’ve all been there. BUT, there’s a program in Philly called WorkReady that gives you all the help you need to find one. The program has created thousands of jobs for Philadelphia teens, and each participant can expect to be paid between $595 and $1500! Not only do they offer summer jobs, but they also provide jobs year-round if you’d like to continue working. Here’s their website link if you’re interested: ​​

This WorkReady program is only one of a bunch more that can make your life way easier! The way that many of these programs start is from your elected local officials voting for policies that develop them.

So, to keep more of these programs forming, it’s crucial that you register to vote and then show up on election day! Make sure your elected officials are working for YOUR benefit!

The only thing that would make this whole process even better would be to be able to register to vote somewhere convenient where you already go every day…your school!

You’re in luck, because PA Youth Vote is leading a campaign for in-school voter registration. Take a look at their website,, to learn more about it.

Now go find that summer job with WorkReady so you can see your favorite artists in concert!

Helena Wolk is a member of the UPenn Women’s Rowing team, and has been inspired by her teammates for years to help empower young women.

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