I Will Vote

By Blake Kiernan

“The only thing that matters more than our health and safety is the freedom to choose how we are governed.”

The above sentiment is expressed in Ken Harbaugh’s article, “The Vote Must Go On." His piece was published in last March’s Atlantic magazine and reposted on the National Constitution Center’s website, sparking a necessary conversation about voting and elections during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you turn on the news or look online, it certainly doesn’t feel like an election year. Yes, we should be talking about Coronavirus — but that doesn't mean we should stop talking about everything else.

In his article, Harbaugh delves into Governor Mike DeWine’s decision to delay Ohio’s primary elections due to rising rates of COVID-19. He juxtaposes our current political reality with historical decisions past Presidents have made — often against constitutional norms — in light of dire and uncertain times, and he uses this analysis to further his case for ousting President Trump from office this Fall. The author is a Democrat and 2018 candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives. I do not applaud him for using these trying times to further what I consider to be a partisan political agenda. But what I do appreciate about Harbaugh’s argument is the much deeper, more elusive narrative in which he scratches the