Walt Whitman's Election Day Curriculum Guide for Teachers

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

The Walt Whitman Election Day Curriculum Guide for Teachers is a study guide written by Peter Conn, Professor Emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania; Deborah Burnham and Lorene Cary of the University of Pennsylvania; Erik Petersons of the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society; and Beth Feldman Brandt of the Bartol Foundation. The guide offers a lesson plan and resources for teaching Whitman's "Election Day: November, 1884" in the context of the importance of voter registration and civic participation.

Please note, while the guide has not been aligned with PA Education Department Standards, we invite Philadelphia educators to use it as a template for their teachings, and to edit and improve upon it.

You can read a copy of Election Day: November, 1884" here.

Discussion questions and writing Prompts:

Whitman’s Election Day—and Ours