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A Modest Proposal: How You Can Save the Planet by Riding a Bike

What I am about to share could save the earth from pollution. People should stop driving cars and ride bikes. Every day a lot of people ride cars to go to work or drop off kids at school or travel. I think we should stop driving cars.

What people don’t know is that driving cars affects global warming because the sun’s rays go into the earth’s atmosphere and some of them stay and some of them get away. The rays that are in the earth heat up and the earth is getting hot. It is going to be hotter because gas from the cars goes up to the air and heats up the atmosphere more.

We should use bikes because it costs less than buying a car. Also, they could sell you a car that is missing an important piece, so it is better to buy a bike. It is better because you can have freedom, as just sitting in a car and rolling down the window is not enough to wake you up in the morning, so you need a bike.

Another reason is that you can be more active by peddling instead of just pressing the accelerator, so you cannot be bored just sitting and watching a glass window. Some of you can say that biking is dangerous, but you just have to be careful while on the road. Another concern is that bikers could run a read light. People who are riding bikes have to respect street rules, as the road is not just for bikes, it’s for cars and bikes. Although a lot of people are afraid of bikes scratching cars, for that not to happen, all you have to do is focus, relax, and ride slowly.

In conclusion, riding bikes can help the environment and our health. These things can help us live longer and protect our only blue planet called earth.

Cesar Eleazar is a student of Mighty Writers.

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