Who Is the Working Families Party?

Updated: Jan 17

This Minority Party Is Making Waves in Philadelphia and Across the Country

By Brendan Lui

“Together, we can make the future and build a country where everyone can thrive.”

This is the mission of the Working Families Party, a minority party working to elect progressive candidates to office, up and down ballots, across the country. WFP members strive to create a new American future, where the government serves the needs of everyday working people, not the wealthy and powerful. They want to ensure that safe communities and clean water, well-funded schools and community services, freedom and equality, are guaranteed to all. They bring labor unions, community organizations, and social movements together in a multiracial, working class coalition.

And WFP is always strategic. Unlike better known minority parties, such as the Libertarian and Green Parties, who frequently run “spoiler” candidates to split the vote for a major conservative candidate, WFP has no plans to spoil elections. They have plans to win, in city council elections up to the U.S. senate and presidential contests, running candidates on either the Democratic or their own ticket line.