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Voice That Jawn

Intergenerational stories of voter participation to inspire your vote

Voice That Jawn is a six-part podcast miniseries by #VoteThatJawn summer intern Michaela Prell that shares intergenerational stories of voting. Listeners will be inspired to vote when they hear stories from their peers, elders, and voices in between on why voting matters and how each voter participates in history.

Episode one features 99-year-old Ms. Rena Graves of Germantown, who tells the story of her first vote in 1978.

Episode two features 51-year-old Agatha Andrews of Fair Votes PA, who explains the impact of gerrymandering on the democratic process.

Episode three features 73-year-old Barbara Dundan, who describes her experience canvassing for Barry Goldwater as a teenager in Oklahoma, her motivations for voting, and her admiration for young, passionate voters.

Episode four features Meredith Broussard, NYU data journalism professor and author of Artificial Unintelligence: How Computers Misunderstand the World, who talks about casting her first vote as a college student, staying educated on the issues she cares about, and using data science to advocate for campaign finance reform.

Episode five features 17-year-old Sheyla Street, a member of #VoteThatJawn's inaugural class of summer interns and When We All Vote/My School Votes, who discusses her years-long efforts to register other young people despite not being old enough to vote herself.

Episode six features 19-year-old Kamryn Davis, a member of the inaugural class of #VoteThatJawn summer interns and a student at West Chester University, who tells the story of her first vote in 2018 and how Central High School teacher Tom Quinn taught her the importance of voting in local elections.

You can listen to the full series on the #VoteThatJawn Youtube channel.

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