The Fair Fight is On

Updated: Jan 17

What Stacey Abrams Learned About Power Is Revealed in Her Book, Lead from the Outside

By Qiana Artis

An America where every vote matters, our leaders work for us and defend our civil rights, and the government helps when it can and steps back when it should. An America where there are no carbon dioxide emissions, where all schools have equal resources within asbestos-free environments, and no child fears eviction during a global crisis.

An America where politicians represent people who vote for them and pay attention to people who vote against them.

This can be, writes Stacey Abrams in Lead from the Outside, Georgia voters’ future. Abrams is the founder of Fair Fight Action, whose mission is to “fight until every eligible vote cast is a vote counted.” The org aims to publicize election reform, support voter protection teams in battleground states, and engage in targeted voter registration and voter outreach.