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The Escobar Brothers Podcast

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

By Lorene Cary

Special thanks to the Escobar family: three talented young musicians who live with their parents in suburban Philadelphia. In this podcast, Nicholas, the composer, Alec, the singer-songwriter, and Gabriel, the musical theater singer, actor, and dancer, are joined by their mom, Louisa Shepard, News Officer in Penn's Office of University Communications. We learned so many ways that their music had shaped their lives—and their whole family's.

What did we miss? Well, first off, all their other instruments: Nicholas on the flute (as well as piano), Alec on trombone (beside his trusty guitar), and Gabriel, the tenor, on the sax. There were bands and marching band and chorus and a cappella. And for music featured on this recording, the three composed, played several instruments, and mixed the music the afternoon before our recording. Not sure whether that was before or after Alec recorded his song in the bathroom. OMG, we love these kids!

Lorene Cary is a writer and teacher, the author of the memoir Black Ice, three novels, including The Price of a Child, and Free!, an Underground Railroad book for kids. She is the founder of SafeKidsStories and #VoteThatJawn. Her latest memoir, Ladysitting, My Year With Nana at the End of Her Century, is out now with Norton Books.

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