A Program that’s Philly-Bred, Woman-Led — Plus MERCH!!!

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

By Fran Melmed

What’s your jawn? For Monique*, it’s the underfunding of Philly schools. For Sofia*, it’s the loss of a friend to gun violence. And for Alanna* it’s the fact that some of her friends can’t even vote or apply for financial aid because of their immigration status.

We changed the names of our awardees, but not what motivates them. JMB Award is a volunteer-driven nonprofit that’s Philly bred and women-led. Our mission is to equip Philly’s female-identified high school students with the tools — financial support, mentoring and coaching — to advance their professional dreams.

This election is about what dashes dreams. The lack of social justice and equity. The need for immigration reform and climate innovations. Equality and choice at risk. I don’t think we need to go on. We all know there’s a lot on the line this election.