Type A Chaos

I was one of the first students to arrive at WHYY, where the Vote That Jawn event would soon begin and was welcomed in by a kind old woman at the security desk. The large glass doors allowed for the bright daylight to filter onto the plastic table set up in the lobby. It was bare, so I got to work transforming it into a proper welcoming desk. I laid out the sign-in sheets with accompanying pens and lined up the Vote That Jawn hats to my perfectionist satisfaction while the rest of my classmates arrived. The layout of the WHYY studio is like a classic Dora the Explorer map, challenging a visitor with two stops before getting to the final destination. Guests had to pass the lobby and recording studios before arriving at the main event space, although the guests made it farther than I ever did. My classmates and I buzzed across WHYY’s Dora’s map with our various tasks. A few of us colored a large sign for the front table, while others helped bea